A preview of the CRSO’s 2017-2018 Season

June 23, 2017 Jerome Sadler No comments exist

Lis Sadler, the CRSO’s Orchestral Manager, writes the following about the orchestra’s 2017-18 season, details of which will be appearing on this site shortly:
‘I am really looking forward to our next season, as we have managed to realise a couple of long-standing ambitions. First, we have finally programmed an American Concert (4th November 2017), based on the works of Gershwin, Barber, Copland and Adams, and also including a piece from John Williams’s score for ET (for our film music fans…). The soloist for Gershwin’s exhilarating Rhapsody in Blue is Jerome Sadler. Jerome tells me that he heard the Rhapsody in Blue live for the first time when he was a teenager at a concert in the Central Hall (as it was called in those days) performed by… Rochester Arts Orchestra! He has performed it many times, and says that he loves playing it.
Secondly, we wanted to showcase the wonderful pianist Meng Yang Pan, a pupil of Professor Gordon Fergus-Thompson at the Royal College of Music, and highly recommended by him. We have obtained sponsorship from the John Ireland Trust for Meng to perform the John Ireland’s gorgeous  Piano Concerto; if you have not heard it (it is rarely played), then you are in for treat! The music is wonderful; I particularly love the lyrical second movement, a love song for his muse Helen Perkin. Towards the end of this movement Ireland quotes a melody from Helen Perkin’s String Quartet, with which she had earlier won the Royal College of Music’s Cobbett Prize for Composition. We have grouped this concerto with some favourites from the British repertoire; Elgar’s Enigma Variations and Vaughan-Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis. A more unusual piece completes the programme: Robert Saxton’s ‘Music to Celebrate the Resurrection’ – a profoundly joyous and deeply spiritual work. Saxton grew up on South London and is now a professor at Oxford University and a friend of Peter Bassano. He will be attending the concert, which will take place on the 24th February 2018.
Finally, a very dear friend, member and patron of CRSO has sponsored the May concert as a celebration of her fiftieth birthday. She has chosen some wonderful pieces; Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet, Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, Ravel’s Bolero and Jacob Bride’s Folk Rhapsody, a work which we performed to great acclaim in 2015 (Jacob Bride became our associate composer shortly afterwards), and which will be revised and expanded for a larger orchestra in 2018, whilst still retaining its verve, energy and tunefulness.
Throughout the summer, the only tickets on sale will be season tickets, in order to give season ticket holders a chance to secure their favourite seats for all of the three concerts. During this time, Clare Martin, our ticket secretary, will also request tickets for CRSO to sell to friends and family in September. We have made the left hand balcony our unofficial ‘school groups area’. That doesn’t mean that you can’t sit there or buy tickets there, it’s just that we feel that this area is particularly suitable for children of older primary school and secondary school age because they can really see what’s going on. Do consider buying a season ticket as it saves you money and you get the best choice of seats. And if you can’t go to a concert, do pass your ticket on to a friend in order to introduce them to the joys of classical music.
Have a wonderful summer. We are just starting work on our Proms concert on 8 July in Broadstairs, and some of us are rehearsing chamber music to be performed at Saxon Way Primary School for their 2-week arts festival. Good job we love music as our season seems to have extended somewhat this year!’

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